25 May, 2024

Discover How Your Business Can Benefit From Online Retargeting

Retargeting, also known as ‘remarketing’ from when Google introduced the concept with its AdWords campaign, is using adverts to target prospects who have already visited your website. This is usually achieved by promotions with banner adverts through display networks across the web such as Google AdSense, Facebook Audience Network Ads, Apple Advertising, Yahoo!, to name a few.

The big idea behind retargeting is to attract and entice past visitors or your customers to take action in order to come back to your website the site.

It’s a way to get people back to see your business offer after they have left before either making a purchase or taking any action you want them to take such as inputting their name and email address for a free report or video sales letter.

The key reason why retargeting is important is because, when used effectively, you aren’t just sending your marketing message out by broadcasting to the masses and hoping someone, somewhere takes action, but instead, it’s a great option to really focus on your target audience by directly communicating to those prospects you’re especially attempting to reach and who have already visited your website before.

So, what are the benefits of using Retargeting Ads for your business?

  1. Getting more sales

This is the main reason why as a business owner or marketing manager you would choose to try retargeting ads. When you advertise to people that have expressed interest by visiting your website or clicked on your Facebook ad, or maybe they know about your company, you’re trying to generate more interest and increase the opportunity for more revenue through another chance of a sale taking place. These are after all, prospects and maybe customers who have already taken the time to visit your website or click on a Facebook ad, so the chances are that they are even more likely to check your product and service offer out again and actually buy something.

  1. Creating more leads

All marketers, and most business owners who do their own marketing and selling, absolutely know the experience of what it’s like to cold call a prospect. The fact is, it can often leave you feeling hopeless and worthless as though if you don’t get the desired results. But retargeting is a completely different experience. By promoting through retargeting ads isn’t the same as cold calling. Instead it’s just like calling someone who actually called you first. Which means it’s a much more personal and pleasant experience and when that happens, you’re much more likely to communicate better, nurture your prospect leads and ultimately make more sales because they have already shown an interested in what you’ve got to offer. This lead generation is a great reason to start using retargeting ads

  1. Increasing brand awareness

This is a benefit that’s often see as one from advertising, but it’s even more to the front when deciding on retargeting ads. The facts show from various studies that it takes at least seven ‘impressions’, which means on average it takes around seven communications with you and your brand name, before a prospective customer will consider trusting in you and move towards a buying decision. Retargeting ads can greatly help to reduce this time down and make the odds better because not only have they already been to your website or Facebook ad, but they’ve then seen a second or third advert for your product or service after the initial connection. That increases brand awareness and increases the opportunity for more profits for your business.

  1. Getting customer insights

Another benefit of retargeting ads is that it allows you to understand where customers go after they leave your website or from Facebook with their retargeting pixel from  your ad, particularly as your prospects are likely to go back to Facebook after leaving your ad. Plus, capturing leads from retargeting ads on the Google network after they’ve left your site. Which means retargeting cleverly allows you do this in a way that regular advertising just can’t.

  1. Advertising budgets

You can make online advertising even cheaper by using retargeting over other types of online marketing because, when you just broadcast an advert out there into the internet in the hope that somebody is going to see it and connect with your message, you’re probably spending a lot of your advertising money and marketing budget on people who aren’t going to resonate with your communication. However, when you use retargeting ads, you stand a much better chance that your financial resources are going to be put to work promoting you because they’re actually targeting those exact people who have already expressed an interest by visiting your site.

  1. Staying at the forefront of online marketing

The fact of the matter is that online advertising is not going away any time soon, but actually increasing in volume. And retargeting ads can show your prospects and customers that you care about them by keeping in touch and that you’re also up-to-date with what’s happening on the internet. Best of all, you’re letting them know that you’re aware of where they are online, how to ‘educate’ them and get them even more interested in your company, and how to appeal to their needs …even if they have visited your site previously with taking any further action. And of course, this goes a long way in today’s digital business world, and it’s something your customers are bound to take notice of and as a result, re-engage with your marketing campaigns and your offers.

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