12 August, 2022

Discover The Business Benefits Of Online Live Video Events And The 5 Important Steps To Engage Your Audience

The reason why people love live streaming on social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube Live is because live video is a great way for them to be engage in real-time. Which means they can watch these online services to hang out with friends or interact with their favourite business brands.

What this means for you in your business is that You can actively use live video to connect with your current audience and promote to prospects to get leads and gain new customers. By getting on-board with live streaming, you’re getting a great new opportunity to grow your audience and gain a big advantage through livestreams by getting them to participate by watching your videos live and showing new people the unique value you have to offer.

By promoting your product and service offer in what still is an uncrowded field. That’s because not many businesses have jumped on this live streaming trend yet and as a result, you could beat your competitors to this growing online marketplace.

Communicating in “real-time”. The fact is that live video is a personal way to connect with your customer audience and to interact with them wherever they are in the world.

Maximise your promotions through repurposing your content. This means you get a second chance after your live event has ended to ‘repurpose’ your video into various types of content to drive more traffic to your website and sales presentations such as a blog, a sales letter, shorter videos, and pictures and images that you can use for your different types of online and offline marketing.

And once you get the hang of planning and using a minimum amount of tech equipment, it’s actually easier than you think to run live events and at a low cost.

Here are 5 steps which you can follow to engage your audience:

  1. Plan and prepare what and how you’re going teach live:
  • Time your presentation and your participants interaction
  • Outline the information for your content and what you want them to achieve by watching you live
  • Be sure to include a strong call-to-action at the end of your presentation
  1. Schedule and keep promoting
  • If you are just starting out, choose an easy to use platform based on your customers’ preferences
  • Make sure you share your livestream link wherever your customers will see it online through social media platforms, your blog and website and encourage your followers and influencers to promote the event for you.
  • Promote early and ramp up the promotion the closer you get by reinforcing the specific benefits they’ll receive
  1. Pick the right topic for the right audience
  • You need a great topic to keep your audience watching, so it has to be relevant and of value to them, entertaining and speak their language
  • To understand your audiences ask them directly online and through surveys about their problems and questions related to your topic
  1. Run Your Livestream
  • Make sure you test and double test the technology is working before you go live
  • Start by introducing yourself and be as personal as possible …and remember that it’s all about them
  • Use participants names and share visuals whenever appropriate and encourage engagement, questions and interaction
  • Stick to the timing and offer real value in your call to action.
  1. Get more millage from your content by repurposing
  • Promote your recorded video on social media and your website
  • Cut up the best moments to make a series of short videos
  • Make an audio or a podcast and transcribe to create text-based information content
  • Create a sales page, a blog and website content

Livestream video is an easy and low-cost way to engage your audience and promote your product and service offer online. And it’s getting really popular right now and yet few businesses are taking advantage of this new opportunity.

So, get ahead of the field and be the first in your market niche to create live video and make direct connections with your target audience.

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