24 June, 2024

How The Conservative Party Used Laser-Focussed Marketing Messages To Beat The Labour Party In The General Election

Whatever your politics and your view of the results of the UK general election held last Thursday, December 12, you have to study the Conservative party’s consistently delivered disciplined, laser-focussed on-message election campaign strategy then compare this with the Labour party’s broad-focussed range of manifesto messages to get an insight into why these results were achieved. For the Conservative party it was the best general election result since Margaret Thatcher’s. For the Labour Party it was their worst defeat since 1935.

And the test is, can you remember both the Conservative party’s laser-focussed message and the Labour party’s broad-focussed messages, all consistently delivered with discipline throughout the general election campaigns?

Because that’s the difference between the two parties. Just the same as two competing businesses. Whose messages are memorable and whose are forgettable?

And that’s the essence of any marketing campaign that seeks to persuade people to take action. In a for-profit business the aim is to get people to show interest in what’s being offered and to eventually buy from them and not their competitors. In a political party in a general election the aim is to get people to show interest in what’s being offered and eventually to vote for them and not their competitors.

According to reports the Conservative party managed to keep consistently on-message throughout their campaign by having a morning hour long daily call between their key strategists (campaign commander Isaac Levido, press aide Lee Cain, Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson) that meant they could keep streamlined and disciplined the responsive decision-making on any overnight changes required.

And this responsive laser-focussed on-message strategy worked to deliver the momentous result not foreseen by the Labour Party or any of the opposition parties.

Could businesses learn anything from this strategy?

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