25 May, 2024

Epic Collectibles You Can Get Online

Nothing comes close to a great collectible. Experts are coming to a consensus that collectibles aren’t just sentimental memorabilia; they’re also incredibly valuable investments—just ask your local Pokemon card collector! Here are a few epic collectibles you can easily find online.

Sports Cards

They’re called classic collectibles for a reason: sports cards are small pieces of history. Collectors have been vying for sports card boxes for decades. With a large fanbase and steadily appreciating value, sports cards are the perfect starting point for any collector.

However, it can take a long time to build out your card collection if you’re searching for cards one by one. Instead, purchase boxes and cases to get more cards at once and build your collection quicker.

Sports cards are also notorious for the high percentage of fakes in circulation at any given time. Thankfully, it’s easy to spot a fake if you know how. Just place the card over a backlight. If it glows, it’s fake. This glow is caused by the ink brighteners used in the manufacture of dupe cards.


Contrary to popular belief, great art doesn’t have to be expensive. There are multiple ways of collecting high-quality art online—all it takes is a bit of research. Say you’d like to acquire some Dr. Seuss art for sale online at a competitive price. Social media is a great place to start looking.

Breaking away from traditional channels of sales reveals a world of exciting new artists and affordable, original art.

Another aspect to pay attention to here is the frame. Certain online stores will use frames to inflate prices far beyond what would be considered reasonable, even for a collector. Consider investing in a rolled-up print or original work and getting it framed yourself at a discount.

Comic Books

Much like sports cards, comic books are considered trademark collectibles due to their high exchange values. Finding an epic comic collectible is, however, much more difficult than most of the other items on this list. This is partly due to the fact that newer comics aren’t considered ‘epic’ much in the same way as Spider-Man’s Amazing Fantasy #15 would be, and older comics in mint condition are unaffordable for most people.

Paint By Numbers Sets

These might not be what first comes to mind when one thinks of collectors’ items, but paint by numbers sets are bound to be an attractive commodity going forward. There’s a certain charm to these sets that just can’t be matched, even by identical art prints.

Collectors prize these sets for the sheer potential they hold. Through paint by numbers sets, you become the artist. You can even get famous paintings printed on canvases as paint by numbers to do yourself. This allows you to not only curate a collection of your own art, but you can display some of the most iconic paintings in your home for a lot cheaper.


Music is timeless, and so are vinyl records. Vinyl records aren’t just charming collectibles, they’re also valued for the unique classic quality of audio they bring to the table. Thanks to record stores all over the world digitizing their vinyls, you don’t have to live next to one to start your collection.

Like most other collectibles, vinyl records can display a wide range when it comes to value. Some records might be worth less than a CD, while others will easily fetch thousands if sold in mint condition. There’s no harm in starting your vinyl collection early; you never know when the next spike might come around.

Premium Dice

Collections of polyhedral dice sets have time and again proven their value as epic collectibles. Typically used for intense Dungeons and Dragons sessions, they can also be shown off to friends, family, and fellow collectors as a prized showpiece. Dice manufacturers are leaning into this appeal by crafting incredible new sets out of premium materials, such as engraved metal and even wood!

Thankfully, collecting a complete series of dice is much easier than it is for sports cards. This is largely due to the fact that there is no element of randomization—all you have to do is locate the dice. If you’re just starting out, spring for a metal dice set. They’re fun to play with and they’ll look great on any shelf.

Collecting Greatness

Whether you’re just looking for your next statement piece or trying to build a new collection, a bit of research will save you from having to break the bank for that one item you have to get. With the massive scale of digitization and archiving, finding and purchasing a collectible online has never been easier. The best time to start collecting was yesterday, and the next best time is now.



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