18 July, 2024

The Importance of Regular Car Tune-Ups

You’re aware that your car requires regular oil changes to ensure it’s in good shape. However, there’s more to keeping your car running than changing the oil and filter every couple of months. Whether you own a 1967 Mustang or a new 2018 Honda Odyssey, all cars require routine maintenance for optimal performance. Regular tune-ups for your car can prolong your vehicle’s lifespan, improve fuel efficiency, and avoid major (read costly) repairs down the line.



 You can avoid costly repairs

Regular tune-ups for your car can assist in identifying minor problems before they escalate into bigger ones. A typical tune-up, which involves replacing your spark plugs, filters, and wires and examining all systems, will cost you around 100 dollars. Making regular tune-ups and minor repairs is more effective than not taking care of your vehicle and spending thousands on replacing parts that have been broken beyond repair. FYI, Walmart also introduced car tune up services, you can search about Walmart tune up cost if you wish to get one.

You’ll be safer on the ROAD

Your tires are among the most crucial components of your vehicle. If you’re on the highway or planning trips into the hills, worn treads could cause your tires to hold the road. In our 24-point inspection, we’ll check your tires for the proper inflation, tread depth and wear patterns to be sure your vehicle will be safe for driving. The technicians also inspect the brake pads, brake fluid and rotors.

 The car you have isn’t going to break down

There are various reasons your vehicle may break down in the middle of the road. The best way to avoid an accident is to ensure that a certified, skilled ASE technician regularly examines the entire vehicle’s parts and systems. General Auto Repair General Auto Repair: We’ll inspect your battery, air filter, and the level of transmission fluid along with the state of your belts, pumps, hoses, and belts and recommend repairs whenever something is found to be in need of repair.

Your car will last longer

Your car isn’t just a vehicle you drive for getting to school, work or taking your children to the beach. It’s an investment.

You can safeguard yourself from the financial burden of needing to replace your engine or purchase a brand-new car by receiving regular tune-ups. Additionally, regular maintenance increases your efficiency on the road and can save you additional money at the pump.

 Are you in need of a CAR Tune-Up? Come and see us!

The recommended tune-up intervals are based on mileage and can differ depending on the vehicle; however, most experts suggest a tune-up at least every three months or two years. If you do notice a decrease in your fuel efficiency, rough idle or stalling when you shift gears in your vehicle, take the time to schedule an appointment. Bring your car to General Auto Repair in San Diego to get a tune-up promptly to stop a minor issue from turning into a major one. Our technicians are ASE-certified and will treat your vehicle with care, give you a realistic estimate of repairs, and help you get back to driving as fast as possible.

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