20 July, 2024

Global Car Wash Leader IMO Unveils Six New Locations

IMO, the world’s pre-eminent car wash company, has announced it will open six new locations in December 2023. These sites are set to be in Genk and Beringen (Belgium), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Miskolc (Hungary), Warilla (Australia), and Perth Airport (Australia).

Reflecting its position as an innovator in the conveyor car wash market, the new IMO locations boast:

  • Advanced wheel scrubbing technology complemented by a foaming alloy spa.
  • Foam application for more thorough removal of paint contaminants.
  • A polymer-infused soft brushing technique to improve paintwork gloss.
  • Door sill technology ensuring detailed cleaning of the lower car sections.
  • A state-of-the-art drying system with a 155mph air speed smart nozzle.
  • Soft towelling drying strips and optional polishing for a showroom appearance.
  • Contactless payment for vacuum and jet wash services.
  • Contactless payment systems for air and water.

Moreover, these locations mark the first international introduction of IMO Ceramic XTR.

Tracy Gehlan, president of IMO, explained: “Developed for people who love their cars, Ceramic XTR has been carefully created using the latest surface technology and innovative ingredients which, in conjunction with our handmade, soft foam brushes, combine to provide a showroom shine and surface protection that lasts.”

Gehlan also stated: “Ceramic XTR from IMO is the most durable paint protection car wash we have ever released. Throughout its development, our experts have continuously refined the formulation to produce an extreme ceramic coating with a deep gloss-like finish.”

News Team