18 July, 2024

How Reusable Products Can Save Money and The Planet

When I started to look at living more frugally, I started to think about how much money I was wasting on disposable products. I started researching reusable alternatives and was shocked at how many fantastic options are out there. 

Not only do reusable products protect the environment, but they also save you significant amounts of money over the years as you will hardly ever have to replace them. The upfront cost may be more, but trust me, this is an investment worth making. Here are a few products that you can use to easily replace your disposable products to save you money in the long run whilst also protecting the planet!

Washable Cotton Wool Pads

If you use cotton wool pads everyday, it is time to think about changing to a reusable and washable version. When I was using disposable cotton pads, I was throwing away at least 2 a day, which over 10 years is around 6,700 cotton pads that have gone to landfill! Instead, you can buy reusable cotton pads at a very reasonable price. 

I use them exactly the same as I would use disposable ones, then I keep them in a small tub and when I am doing a wash, I throw them in with the rest of my clothes. They come out looking brand new and so far I have had mine for about 3 years and they are still looking great. This is a fantastic alternative to disposable pads that will save you great amounts of money over the years. 

Stretchy Top Food Lids

Another thing that I found caused a lot of waste in my house was things like foil and clingfilm that I used to cover dishes before they went in the fridge. These items also aren’t cheap! So, I found some stretchy top food lids online which have been fantastic. You can buy a range of different sizes that come in packs so you will always have one that fits, although because they stretch each one would fit lots of different things. These last years and years, meaning you will save a lot of money!

An alternative to this would be to use plates to cover your containers. When I make a large salad or something, I put it into a glass bowl and cover it with one of my dinner plates that is slightly larger. My style of plate is quite flat so it actually creates an airtight seal. Before buying something new, try experimenting with things like this to see if there are solutions using products you already have in your home!

Good Quality Drinks Bottle

Instead of buying bottles of water to take out, buy yourself a good quality drinks bottle. If you’re fussy with water like me, then buy a filter jug and fill up your bottle from there. Even if you spend £50 on your filter jug, you would have made your money back within a few months thanks to the money you would have saved from not buying bottled water!

My personal favourites are steel bottles that keep drinks hot or cold for hours and hours. They are also one of the only styles I find doesn’t leak. You will soon get into the habit of not leaving the house without your reusable bottle and you will see the benefits financially, too. You will have no excuse not to take your multivitamins with your fancy new water bottle! 

Compostable Scourers

Washing up sponges usually come in plastic wrapping, but many of them are also made of synthetic materials containing plastic. When I used to use these sponges (you know the ones, a soft yellow material on one side and a more abrasive, green surface on the other), I would end up getting a new one out the packet at least once every couple of weeks as they simply don’t last. I was getting through them so quickly and wasting so much money.

A very creative work friend of mine actually started making her own scourers from compostable materials. They lasted so much longer than the plastic sponges and then when they had seen their best days, I could simply throw it in the compost and not worry about the impact I was having on the environment. Sadly my friend doesn’t sell her products, but there are plenty of versions that you can find that will do just the job. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! A few simple products that will save you money and reduce your environmental impact. Even making one small swap is a positive change, so just do what you can and it will make a great difference. Plus, you’ll be saving quite a bit of money in the process! 

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