28 May, 2024
Online Shopping Scams

How To Stay Safe From Online Shopping Scams – Guide To Identify Scam Offers Online.

Online shopping allows you to save time and present a complete collection on a single screen. Still, it also comes with risk factors such as online scams, fraud, your data getting leaked, and bank details getting hacked. Do you know, that 54% of customers do not complete their online purchases due to mistrust of websites. To protect yourself from such scammers and fraudulent offers you need to take a few precautions. This guide will help you stay safe from online shopping scams and how you can identify scam offers on the internet.

Customer Reviews:

These days, women and men have made social media groups where they talk about brand reviews. You can search for these social groups and find both good and bad reviews from other customers. Genuine reviews increase the reliability of an online store and its seller. Here’s a hack, you can write the name of an online store on social media in the search bar, there are public profiles that have posted reviews about random brands, and you can get there and find the most loyal words about the store and its retailer.  

Don’t Fall For Unrealistic Discount Deals:

If you are already unsure about a store or website, don’t immediately fall for its exciting deals. It’s a common way to scam people and steal their personal information. If you see prices of an item significantly lower than other retailers, I believe it’s a scam. To ensure that you’re thinking it right, check the website security, see reviews, and collect words from your friends and relatives. Don’t fall victim to such scams, sometimes you risk your personal information other times you waste your money.

However, if you really want to get a discount on your preferred product then it is recommended to use other online saving methods like availing flash sales and daily deals or by using an abandoned cart discounts strategy you can even use trusted coupon sites like Discount Codez, Groupon, RetailMeNot and other trusted and reliable coupon sites to avail coupon codes on your favorite product, using which you can get a good discount on them. But never follow any fake deals & and promotions on social media or pop-up windows on any site redirecting you to another site or showing unbelievable discount offers etc.

Shop Only From Reputable Brands:

Authentic brands have a unique identification. Looking through the brand’s website, most times its representation and comments on the posts say all. Another helpful way is to stick to well-known reputable online retailers. Be cautious when dealing with unknown stores especially if they offer deals that do not come at a price they have put on.

Check Website Security:

Protect your devices from viruses and scams by checking the website’s security. See if the URL link begins with https:// and a padlock icon in the address bar. That tells its safe to enter your bank details and address for home delivery. Still, if your sixth sense warning you, believe it and do not shop from there.

Verify The Contact Information:

Websites just provide the email address as only contact cannot be relied on. Check for their contact number and physical address, a warehouse or retail store. Avoid websites with incomplete data information, so in times of coincidence, you can contact them or at least make a complaint against them on to their provided contact details.

Accept Only If The Parcel Is Sealed:

Parcels with no seal have a high chance of being exchanged, broken, or stolen. Let’s say you receive a parcel unsealed, do not accept. Look for trust seals from recognized security companies or organizations. Verify its authenticity from a given contact number, and ensure it links to a legitimate certified authority.

Use Secured Payment Methods:

Choosing cash on delivery is a safer option than making an advanced payment with your attached credit card details on the internet, especially for retail shops you are not sure about. Otherwise, you must use credit cards that are secured with dual andtriple security. These security help avoid online payment scams and you get notifications each time you use your credit card. To be on the safer side avoid making purchases with wire transfers or other non-traceable forms of payment.

Be Cautious With Pop-Up Ads And Cookies:

Pop-up ads are sweet and enjoyable to watch, but when we click on the given link, it has hacked the data on our devices. Sometimes it crashes the files and often it steals your details. Avoid opening links that appear overly promotional or lead to unfamiliar websites. Legitimate business sites usually do not have those pop-up advertisements. So, if you see one immediately close the website, refresh your device, and secure your files.

Check The Spellings Of The Brand:

Sometimes it is named as your reliable brand/ online store but it came out as a fake one. You received the wrong parcel or a scam happened. You have to be smart while online shopping. Check the spelling and grammar errors on their pages. Be skeptical about poorly written details of a product, conditions, and packaging as these are a clear red flag.

Review Ad Return Policy:

Before you check out a new online store, go through their about and find about reviews and returns. Stores with easy returns are likely to be trusted more than stores that don’t apply this offer. Carefully read the return policy, note down their contact information and for peace of mind, call them once to be sure if any incident happens they are eligible to make a return and refund. Beware of websites with vague or non-existent return information.