28 May, 2024

Next Health Surpasses 50 Territory Sales and Announces Ambitious New Goal

Next Health, the sole comprehensive health optimisation and longevity provider that clears the way for life-enhancing and prolonging treatments, has surpassed its growth targets by selling in more than 50 territories this month. This landmark, expanding the company’s influence across 10 states and three countries, follows the highly anticipated franchising launch in Q3 2023. Dedicated to empowering individuals to reach optimal vitality through preventative and tailored care, Next Health has now set a new aim: to become the largest health optimisation and longevity company by the end of 2027, with over 150 operating locations serving upwards of 600,000 customers.

Next Health distinguishes itself to both consumers and entrepreneurs interested in franchising as the only entity seamlessly integrating four sought-after businesses under one roof: cutting-edge recovery technology, health optimization, aesthetics services, and advanced longevity solutions. Moreover, Next Health clients enjoy a direct relationship with an on-site provider who employs a data-driven strategy to fully manage and personalise their wellness journey and treatment options to achieve peak vitality. A significant competitive edge for Next Health in the franchising arena is its industry-leading unit economics, attracting and retaining customers focused on health, whose expenditures would otherwise be split among various providers in their area.

“Next Health marries the most advanced health optimization treatments with keen technological operations,” said Scott Svilich, COO, and leader of Next Health’s strategic growth. “The booming wellness economy is projected to surge 26% to $8.5T by 2027 and Next Health is at the forefront capturing a large percentage of that through new locations and technology. Next Health is just getting started and each of our franchisees are contributing to our collective mission to pioneer a new path for us all to live longer, healthier lives.“
In a joint statement, Next Health’s co-founders, Dr. Darshan Shah and Kevin Peake, said, “we founded Next Health with the mission to always provide what’s next in health to individuals around the world. Our brand’s promise is, no matter where or how a customer engages with Next Health, they’ll have access to the latest and best wellness technology and treatments available.”
More information about Next Health, including franchising opportunities, services, and more can be found at next-health.com. Follow Next Health on Facebook and Instagram.