5 March, 2024

Is Thought Leadership Just Another Business Buzzword?

Like many business buzzwords, the term ‘Thought Leadership’ is often misused and misunderstood. So why do so many of the world’s leading and most successful companies invest serious amounts of money and smart people into what can be seen as a mysterious process?

Many build business units and teams dedicated to creating this key practice that has been used over many years to create success for a wide range of individuals, charities and companies.

And that’s because Thought Leadership can help any individual or group involved in the business decision-making process to get strategic alignment across their organisation regarding the goals they want to achieve and the challenges they face.

Essentially ‘Thought Leadership’ can be seen as the essential strategy for dramatically growing your organisation’s status and market position by becoming a recognised expert in your field. Because the ability to create inspirational insights that really grab the attention of clients and the media is accepted as one of the most important marketing strategies for selling high-value goods and services. That’s why The pinnacle of ‘thought leadership’ can be appearing in such top national offline media as the Financial Times and The Economist, as well as online media such as Ted talks.

And Yet ‘thought leadership’ rarely features in traditional marketing courses, which is why many still view it as just another buzzword. And why many organisations are leaving a big gap in their growth plans.


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