28 May, 2024

Launch of New Workplace Energy Advice Service to Boost Employee Wellbeing

In response to the increasing numbers of fuel poverty and its negative impact on staff morale, energy experts at Residential Energy Services (RES) have launched the innovative Workplace Energy Advice programme.

Supported by The Department of Energy Security & Net Zero and Midlands Net Zero Hub, this programme is tailored to provide employees with adaptable access to support for improving energy usage both in their professional and personal lives.

This programme offers a fully funded opportunity for employees in the manufacturing, production, and retail sectors to receive free, tailored energy advice. It caters to those who may find it difficult to access community advice due to unconventional working hours or restricted access to technology and resources.

The advisory service is designed to match individual business and employee work patterns, avoiding the need to take employees off the shop floor. It includes flexible “drop-in” workshops, consultations, and pop-up services in communal areas, designed to fit seamlessly into the working day.

Participants receive guidance on energy saving and waste reduction, learn about energy-efficient measures like insulation and air source heat pumps, and can engage in one-to-one sessions to discuss funding eligibility, EPCs, and other questions about making their homes more energy-efficient.

“This unique service from RES empowers employers to provide tangible guidance and support to employees to drive forward their commitment to sustainability,” said Sarah Parry, Managing Director of Residential Energy Services.

RES has been a leader in providing energy subsidy awareness and advisory services to more than 20,000 households in the UK since 2014, specialising in educating homeowners on energy-saving measures and managing the customer journey from advice to installation.