29 May, 2024

Launch of SHICRET in English: Albert XL’s Infidelity Strategy Revealed

Albert XL Arnaiz, the Spanish connoisseur of infidelity tactics and authorship, has introduced his English-translated book, SHICRET: How to Be Unfaithful Without Getting Caught. Lauded in Spanish-speaking regions, the work propounds the SHICRET protocol, a septenary scheme for concealed romantic endeavours.

Marking “Mistress Day”, Arnaiz aspires to capture the interest of the English-speaking populace, complementing his successful engagements in Spain and Miami, where his insights were broadcasted on various media outlets including Telemundo (NBC), Univision, AmericaTV, Telecinco, and Antena 3.

SHICRET® represents both a profound “Big Secret” and a delineated 7-step technique for surreptitious liaisons, each step denoted by the acronym: Secrecy, Hearing, Intimating, Cohabitating, Reiterating, Evading, and Terminating.

This work aims to augment the surreptitious skills of individuals already immersed in affairs and to guide newcomers in the clandestine arts of infidelity.

SHICRET, now in English on Amazon, veers from the conventional self-help narrative, challenging readers to contemplate unconventional approaches to infidelity.

For more information, visit the official SHICRET website or follow SHICRET on social media.


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