18 July, 2024

Shane Quigley: Pioneering a New Era of Prosperity in His Revolutionary Book

In a world bound by conventional principles that more often restrict than facilitate, the renowned serial entrepreneur Shane Quigley has released a seminal book poised to redefine the roadmap to personal prosperity. Entitled “Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back,” Quigley’s newest publication distills a lifetime of entrepreneurial success and personal growth into a narrative that’s both inspirational and rich with practical guidance.

From his beginnings at McDonalds to generating revenues in the billions, Quigley’s book is far more than a guide to business success. It delves into the core beliefs, mindsets, and strategies that are key to unlocking unprecedented levels of success and autonomy.

“Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back” compels its readers to examine the conventional wisdom, discover their intrinsic abilities, and embrace a life of abundance by casting aside outdated beliefs and societal barriers. Through personal stories, engaging exercises, and pragmatic wisdom, Quigley lays out a path for anyone seeking to redefine their life on their own terms.

The publication of the book has drawn interest from across the business world and personal development circles, marking it as a critical read for those determined to change their approach to achieving success and personal fulfillment.

Shane shared: “This book represents a lifetime of learning, often the hard way and I’m just glad to be able to give something back.

“Having two young children and thinking about what they want out of life, I wrote the book with the future version of them in mind. Hopefully they can surpass my achievements in the future and live fulfilling lives.

“This book is for anybody that wants to break free from their current day to day cycle and build a path towards a life of freedom and abundance.”

“Break The Rules That Are Holding You Back” is now on sale at Amazon.

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