22 April, 2024

Manleys Solicitors Welcomes Oscar-Nominee Nazrin Choudhury to Its Clientele

Manleys Solicitors, situated in Chester, has recently taken under its wing Nazrin Choudhury, an esteemed 2024 Oscar nominee, further enhancing its client portfolio. Choudhury’s “Red White and Blue” is in the running for Best Live Action Short Film, a notable recognition for the British director.

From her base in California, Choudhury shared insights into her film’s narrative: “I penned the story of ‘Red, White and Blue’ in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court overturning the landmark decision in the Roe v Wade case, which had protected our reproductive rights in America for almost 50 years.”

The film, “Red, White and Blue,” portrays the journey of a resilient young mother faced with the challenges of accessing necessary medical assistance amidst societal and legal obstacles.

The recent period has seen Manleys Solicitors expand its involvement in US-related legal affairs, underscored by founder Mark Manley’s authorization to act as counsel in New York’s Southern District Court last year. Manley’s legal engagements continue with his forthcoming appearance in London’s High Court of Justice, Court 13, and a significant mediation in New York come April.

Expressing pride in their association with Choudhury, a spokesperson from Manleys Solicitors remarked: “We are really proud to be working with the incredibly talented Nazrin Choudhury. Red, White and Blue is a masterpiece. It’s hard to believe that a Short of this length could so quickly grip its viewers and provoke such emotion and feeling.

As the Oscar ceremony on March 11th nears, the firm is filled with anticipation for Choudhury’s potential win.


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