24 June, 2024

Did you know that National Espresso Day takes place each year on the 23rd November?

And here’s how to improve your knowledge and understanding about espresso coffee:

  • One single 60-ml shot of espresso has approximately the same amount of caffeine as a standard size 180-ml (6 fluid ounces) cup of ordinary ‘drip’ coffee.
  • The best serving temperature for an espresso should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The perfect brewing time for a single shot of espresso should be 25-30 seconds
  • To make an espresso you can use any type of coffee roast because it’s actually the preparation and grind size that specifically makes it an espresso.

The original espresso drink of coffee was a thick, bold Italian-style coffee that got its name because of the technology used to make the concentrated rich, dark, brew “pressed out” and made ‘pronto’ for its drinker.

So, why not celebrate National Espresso Day with a coffee and a chat with a business associate, customer or colleague…

Just like we will with our special BusinessTalk.News cup of coffee seen in this short 7 second video ☕️

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