24 June, 2024

Pineapple and OpenVia Collaborate to Enhance Access in Multifamily Properties

In a significant development today, Pineapple, the trailblazer in self-guided tour platforms independent of smart-locks, has announced its strategic collaboration and integration with OpenVia, a leading PropTech startup specialising in innovative access solutions for buildings. This partnership facilitates the transformation of traditional access points like car gates and external doors into sophisticated smart access features, all without the requirement for hardware enhancements.

“According to NMHC, 68% of apartments in the United States were built prior to 2000, and their access systems are aging out. For assets that can’t take the economic leap towards a smart-lock/smart-gate retrofit. Patrick and his team at OpenVia have created an elegant, simple solution that allows aging assets to jump into the 21st century, without the major capital investment,” said Steve Bonaventure, founder and CEO of Pineapple. “Paired with Pineapple’s smart key-locker, apartment communities can create a full-building access solution for under $2,000, and immediately start realising the gains other management companies are reaping from Self-Guided Tours.”

The innovative Pineapple <> OpenVia integration allows future residents and suppliers to secure temporary access permissions, facilitating smooth passage through any vehicle or pedestrian gate, or external egress, using just their smartphone. This tech seamlessly integrates with existing access hardware of a property, eliminating the need for new hardware or extra maintenance from the site team.

“We’re excited to partner with Pineapple to provide a seamless tour experience across a broad range of properties. By pairing our two products together, client properties can deliver a first-class touring experience without committing to a major capital project to make it happen,” expressed Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO of OpenVia.

To learn more about increasing lead generation and conversion with Pineapple, visit www.TourWithPineapple.com.


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