24 June, 2024

Dual Absolute T8090 by ForTest: Revolutionising Leak Testing in Electric Vehicles

Leading the way in leak test solutions, ForTest has introduced the Dual Absolute T8090, a state-of-the-art instrument developed to tackle testing challenges in electric car equipment, ultimately enhancing their performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Electric car components, such as batteries, circuits, cooling systems, and packs, are vulnerable to leaks. Ensuring these parts are leak-proof is essential to avoid user dissatisfaction and significant losses. This is particularly vital for off-road vehicles where dust infiltration in non-waterproof battery packs can lead to performance and safety issues.

The importance of leak testing in automobile parts has escalated for car manufacturers and suppliers, as it plays a crucial role in enhancing stability and efficiency. The surge in electric vehicle demand necessitates more thorough leakage testing of battery packs and charging stations, demanding leak test instruments to meet higher performance benchmarks.

ForTest has risen to the challenge by inventing the Dual Absolute T8090, a new automotive leak testing equipment. This device innovatively combines the traditional absolute-decay method with the accuracy and sensitivity of differential systems.

Traditionally, electric car components are subjected to pressure decay, classic differential, and visual testing methods. However, these methods can be slow and prone to errors, potentially missing leaks in battery packs and other components, which can result in significant quality and safety issues.

The Dual Absolute T8090 is set to revolutionise the automobile industry’s production rate. Its ability to test two components at once significantly reduces cycle times through its innovative safe zero center mode.

Featuring highly sensitive sensors for fault detection and measurements, similar to those in classical differential systems, the Dual Absolute T8090 is particularly advantageous for the automotive e-mobility sector. It stands out from traditional differential instruments, as it requires no periodic maintenance, thanks to its optimised circuitry and efficient components.

Traditional capacitive differential systems, which are sensitive to humidity, can lead to substantial battery damage and high costs. However, the Dual Absolute T8090’s Solid-State Measure (SSM) is impervious to humidity, eliminating the need for expensive compressed air filtering systems that are necessary for traditional methods.


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