23 April, 2024

Revealed: The Most Privileged Nations in the World

Every country has something special and is stunning in its own way. We have tried to objectively determine who the luckiest people in the world are by evaluating things like health, wealth, and employment possibilities, among others.

As per the major aspects described here, these factors were evaluated in the search for the most privileged nation:

  1. Career opportunities
  2. Liberty and life satisfaction
  3. Safety and health
  4. Financial stability

On the basis of these four major aspects, the nations are ranked based on luck; this interesting research conducted by ABCD agency was completed in July 2021.

Most Privileged Nations in the World

  • Switzerland

Everyone knows Switzerland as the land of chocolate, and chocolate is indeed the country’s top export revenue source, but do you know these other intriguing facts about the country? There are currently more coffee shops than banks in the nation, and it boasts over 1,500 lakes. In the ranking, Switzerland tops the list with a score of 100 out of 100 overall and also a top score in finance of 100. The country scored 97.96 in liberty and life satisfaction and in safety and health it achieved a score of 96.31 points. With these amazing scores this country tops the list as the luckiest in the world.

  • Iceland

It was found that the pandemic had a significant influence on people and Iceland came in second place in the global ranking of luckiness. In terms of total scores, Iceland holds 91.49 points and the major contribution is liberty and life satisfaction of the citizens and career opportunities.

  • Norway

The third-luckiest country in the world, Norway, has some fascinating statistics. Norway was chosen as the country least likely to be impacted by climate change. As a bonus, Norway is a very wealthy nation. It has also been dubbed as the world’s most tranquil country and best location to live. If we look at career opportunities, the people in Norway are the luckiest as the country achieves 100 out of 100 points. The same goes for liberty and life satisfaction where the nation also tops the list. With a total score of 89.39 it takes on the third position in the list.

  • Luxembourg

In terms of ranking, it holds the fourth position and when the overall score is observed it has 89.31. The country’s major key to being one of the luckiest nations is due to the various job opportunities and liberty and life satisfaction, in both terms, it holds fourth position. If we are talking about income and financial wellness, it holds the fifth position with a score of 68 points.

  • Denmark:

Denmark holds an overall score of 84.91 points out of 100. It has an excellent score of 99.85 in terms of freedom, but its low finance score of 44.04 points reduces its ranking to fifth position.


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