24 June, 2024

Why a school needs bespoke and personalised ties

If you work in the education field, you know how important appearance can be. The right uniform can help to ensure your students work hard, everyone knows your school and that anyone who sees your school has a favourable impression.

But while you may have spent time thinking about the design of your uniform, such as the blazers and the skirts, you may have not spent enough time thinking about the design of your school tie.

If your school does not yet have its own tie, or you’re unsure whether or not a bespoke tie is the right fit for your institution, we’ve compiled some of the most important reasons why you should consider investing in bespoke ties for your students.

It promotes your school

Perhaps the most important reason why you should consider personal and bespoke ties for your school is that it’s a quick and simple way to promote it. If you choose to design each tie with the school emblem, every time someone walks past a student who is wearing their bespoke tie, they will instantly be able to recognise the school. Basically, every time someone sees one of your students out of school, their ties act as free advertisements.

It looks professional

No matter where your students are, you want to ensure that they look proper and professional. Whether that be at the school desk or in the supermarket, the way your uniform looks can seriously influence the way people look at your school. With a professional and unique tie, the uniform is complete, ensuring that your students look professional and proper no matter where they are.

The importance of school uniform

The tie is a notable point of any uniform, but there are many different reasons why a school uniform is so important. If your school does not yet have a uniform, here are some of the main reasons why school uniforms are essential:

It improves behaviour

When children wear a uniform, schools often report that they behave better and they have improved discipline. The behaviour of your students is key to the success of their studies. Wearing a uniform also helps to set a school/life balance, where there is a clear divide between home and work, allowing for students to concentrate better.

It levels the playing field

Although you might think that no school uniform might allow for students to better express themselves, it can also cause them daily stress, especially if they don’t keep up with the latest trends. By encouraging students to wear uniforms, children may not feel the pressure of dressing in style. Moreover, while non-uniform days may be fun, studies have also shown that non-uniform days are often viewed as non-work days, which can harm the productivity of the children and can make it harder for staff.

Great value for parents

If parents have to provide new clothes for their children so that they have a different outfit for every day of the week, they may have to spend hundreds of pounds. With a school uniform, parents only have to buy one full outfit for their children, saving them valuable money.

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