18 July, 2024

‘The AI Moment’ Discussion at Web Summit Qatar 2024, Featuring Sachin Dev Duggal

At the recent Web Summit Qatar, ‘The AI Moment’ session provided a stage for a nuanced conversation on the AI revolution’s broad impacts, moderated by Julia Sieger of FRANCE 24. The panel included Mohamed Al-Hardan from the Qatar Investment Authority and Sachin Dev Duggal of Builder.ai, who shared their expert insights.

Drawing from his extensive experience at Builder.ai, Sachin Dev Duggal recounted the evolution of AI, marking significant milestones like the launch of Google’s BERT model a decade prior. He noted that 2022 marked a critical juncture, characterised not just by advancements in technology but also by design innovations that significantly enhanced user engagement with AI.

With the Qatar Investment Authority leading Builder.ai’s Series D funding round, Mohamed Al-Hardan elucidated the strategic intent behind their investment. He commended Builder.ai for its approach to accelerating the development process and its foresight in embracing AI, while emphasising the importance of thorough due diligence for AI’s effective application. Al-Hardan highlighted the initiative of AI startups to proactively address AI’s inherent risks and their commitment to leading technological innovation.

The discussion on AI’s implications for employment saw Duggal and Al-Hardan extending the conversation beyond the conventional narrative of job displacement. Sachin Duggal envisaged a future where the value of individuals is tied to their creative outputs rather than manual tasks, offering a reimagined perspective on work. Al-Hardan supported this notion, emphasising the need for continuous adaptation in an AI-integrated landscape.

On AI governance, the speakers tackled the ethical and regulatory challenges inherent in AI’s rapid advancement. Al-Hardan expressed concerns about the potential negative impact of over-regulation on innovation, advocating for a cooperative approach between regulators and technologists to bridge the understanding gap between these essential stakeholders.

The session concluded with a consensus on the critical need for educational reform to prepare the next generation for a future dominated by AI. Sachin Dev Duggal stressed the importance of incorporating human-centric skills like creativity and adaptability into educational curricula, ensuring their applicability to various situations.

The insights from Sachin and Al-Hardan provided a comprehensive look at the human, ethical, and responsibility considerations in the AI era, highlighting the imperative for a human-centric approach in AI innovation.

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