22 April, 2024

‘ZAPPY’ by TWO Platforms Breaks Through with 250,000 Users in Two Months

ZAPPY‘, the innovative AI social app developed by TWO Platforms, has quickly become a phenomenon in Korea, boasting a remarkable 250,000 user base, dubbed ‘ZAPPYers’, and achieving over 10 million conversations within just two months of its launch. This rapid ascent is especially significant considering the tight grip of international tech giants on the Korean app market for communication and social networking.

Founded by the illustrious “star scientist” Pranav Mistry in 2021, TWO Platforms has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, with additional branches in Korea and India. The firm is dedicated to devising AI services that are both intuitive and personalised for users. ZAPPY, their premier AI messaging and social app, has received an enthusiastic reception in Korea, initially launching for iOS in October 2023, followed by a full Android release in January 2024.

The Masterminds behind TWO Platforms

The formation of a “global dream team” at TWO Platforms, under the leadership of Pranav Mistry, has drawn significant attention. This team includes notables like CTO Abhijit Bendale and VP of AI & Machine Learning Michael Sapienza, who have extensive backgrounds in AI, VR, and wearable technology from their time at companies such as Samsung Electronics, Google, and Microsoft. The company’s ability to attract such high-calibre talent, alongside a distinguished advisory board including personalities like Steve Chen of YouTube and MIT’s Pattie Maes, has been crucial in securing investor confidence.

The Rise of ZAPPY and Strategic Plans

ZAPPY distinguishes itself with a blend of messaging and social networking features, enabling connections between users and AI personas. Innovations like the “Magic Chat”, an expansive “Zapmoji” library, and the social media-like “Moment” tab have contributed significantly to ZAPPY’s swift user growth.

The app’s intelligence is powered by TWO Platforms’ proprietary AI engine, GENIE, and the reality synthesis engine, HALO-2, which together enhance the user experience with personalised interactions and realistic virtual engagements.

Korea and Beyond: TWO Platforms’ Ambitions

Korea serves as a vital market for TWO Platforms, leveraging the global K-wave trend and targeting the influential Korean Gen Z demographic. Following its promising start in Korea, TWO Platforms is poised to expand into the Indian market and beyond, aiming to leverage AI to transform the landscape of digital communication worldwide.

Pranav Mistry, the CEO of TWO Platforms, underlines the company’s vision, stating: “AI is evolving as the most transformative technology since the internet. We believe in harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize communication in the digital world. As a user-centric company, we are committed to making our AI technology accessible to various companies developing AI products.”


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