18 July, 2024

Thrillz is connecting fans to celebrities in an even more intimate way: How to invest

Thrillz, one of the best UK start-ups of 2020, has always put customers first. But now, with the Thrillz X Seedr campaign, customers can really be a part of the Thrillz community. Seedr is an equity crowdfunding platform in the U.K., to give fans a chance to invest from the ground up. Thrillz wanted to partner with them to give anyone the chance at success. Seedr has provided  £293 million ($330 million) to over 265 start-ups in 2020 alone. They want to give investors the opportunity to invest in something they believe in, and with thousands of satisfied customers and 5-star reviews, Thrillz is that thing.

Why is this a mutually beneficial relationship for Thrillz and the investor? Thrillz is an incredibly fast growing company, with exponential growth. In 2020, Thrillz celebrity sign-ups grew by 1000%, bookings grew by 2700%, not to mention revenue grew by an enormous 5000%! Despite 75% of sales being organic, Thrillz monthly revenue growth is an astonishing 175%. Those are incredible numbers for a start-up and very promising for investors looking to jump in now.

Thrillz is a UK based app that redefines celebrity/fan relationships. Thrillz allows fans to purchase video messages and performance packages from their favorite celebrities including Katie Price, Mr. Motivator, Paul Chuckle, Peter Shilton, Tara Reid, Gary Busey, Ruddock, John Altman, Henry Blofeld, along with so many other talented celebrities. They also offer live video chats and performances with talent such as Allie Sherlock and The Mary and AmanZa Show from U.S Netflix’s ever popular Selling Sunset.

The company was founded by Anjan Luthra, former Private Equity and Venture Capital Investor at Partners Group London ($100bn Private Equity Fund). Luthra is very business savvy and sued that to get Graeme Faulds on as a partner. Faulds is a founding partner of SL Capital Partners, one of the largest and most successful Private Equity Funds in the UK. Together they raised $700K from the pre-seed round and gained investments from leading Private Equity and Investment Bank firms including advisor James Faulds.

The success Thrillz has had in the past year is revolutionary and they want you to get in on the action. The campaign began mid-February and there is still time to change your life. Thrillz has revolutionized how fans interact with celebrities by fostering authentic connections through custom videos, live events, and experiences. This one-stop-shop for all things celebrity is loved by its customers and boasts an exceptionally high Net Promoter Score at 82. Seize the opportunity.

To learn more about Thrillz and this once in a lifetime opportunity, visit https://www.seedrs.com/thrillz/coming-soon and https://www.thrillz.co.uk.

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