24 June, 2024

When Should You Start Outsourcing?

There will come a point in your business as grows that you may want to start outsourcing work and resources. Today it’s never been easier to outsource because of the Internet, where you can hire a multiple range of  virtual assistants to help you with tasks which you either don’t have the time to do, don’t like to do, or don’t have the expertise to do such as writing copy, building IT systems or developing software.

Here are the five clear signs to alert you to the signs that perhaps it’s time to start outsourcing…

Your responsibilities and tasks aren’t getting completed

Yes, there are lots of various responsibilities that you’re accountable for in business as well as all those tasks and team activities. And in all the doing, doing you’re beginning to discover that some important tasks aren’t getting done. This is a clear business growth sign that you need more hands on deck to help. Which means you need to look at the specific tasks that aren’t getting completed and see if there are any responsibilities that you can delegate. These are your actions you can start to outsource to someone outside your business which will free up your time to focus on your key performance indicators.

You have no time to focus on growth

You know that your business needs your daily attention in order to grow, and yet you find yourself without the time and energy to really focus sharply on growing your business. This scenario means you need to step back and look at your business from a “big picture” point of view, because if you’re constantly being swamped with repetitious everyday tasks, then the important planning work just won’t happen. If this is the case, then it’s time to outsource!

Your customer service is deteriorating

The unfortunate circumstances are, when things get very busy, it’s your customer service that can often get but to the back fo the queue and then get forgotten. When you have more orders coming in, and as a result, more customer demands and issues in general, you’ll find that you’re no longer available to give each individual customer the care and  attention that you once give them when you where building up your business. This is a big sign for you that you definitely need to outsource other work to keep your customer satisfied and happy.

New types of skills are needed in your business

As your business grows, one of the tell-tale signs that you’ll find out the hard way that you need help is when you haven’t got the necessary new skills your business really needs going forward. After all, you’re the one running the business and can’t do every special task. So nows the time to reach out to outsource those specialist or highly skilled tasks that urgently need doing.

You’re Burning Out!

There’s one sure sign that it’s time to seek outside help… You’re feeling burnt out! This because, as your business grows, the amount of your tasks also grows. And with lots more to do, you find yourself running around trying to do everything possible. Which in turn leads to putting pressure on your time, worry, stress and eventually burnout. Once you see the first signs of this happening to you, that’s the precise time to find some outside help to relieve of the pressure building up inside.

Where do you start?

Because the job of outsourcing at some point in time becomes an essential part of your business’s growth, it’s a very good idea to get started with it early on in your business planning. Here are some ways that you can find help…

  • Draw up a list of responsibilities and tasks you need to outsource
  • Then decide on which specific skills and experience you need
  • Get referrals from colleagues or friends who have outsourced
  • Search on outsourcing service providers’ websites and social media
  • Go onto job sites where providers bid on jobs
  • Try posting or asking your connections for reliable outsourcing people on LinkedIn

Finally, make a shortlist of suitable candidates, then start contacting them, compare their prices and online reviews, and once you find the outsourced help you need, try them out on some tasks and test a few up against each other until you find reliable suppliers who can perform the work your need.

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