21 May, 2024

Why are triple bunk beds perfect for larger families?

Sleep is a very important part of our daily routine and crucial for our health. It is even more important for children who need great quality sleep to help them grow and develop. As well as where you sleep, what you sleep on is critical to your family getting the rest it needs. But what if you have a larger family and are struggling to find sleep solutions that work for all your kids? Triple bunk beds are a great idea to consider, with a whole range of great benefits.

Space-saving solution

For larger families, space is often a big issue in the home. This can often mean it is not possible for everyone to have their own bedroom and sees kids needing to share instead. Of course, fitting multiple single beds in one bedroom is a real stretch and not possible for most standard size rooms.

Triple bunk beds are very useful here as their compact design enables 3 people to sleep in one room easily. The vertical nature of the bunk bed design also leaves plenty of usable space in the room to enjoy or place other furniture in. Many triple bunks will also come with in-built storage (such as pull out draws) for even more space-saving ideas.

Superb value for money

Another great reason to think about choosing triple bunk beds is the value for money they deliver. This is important for larger families and means that the money you have goes further. Buying 1 single bed and 1 double bed for example will usually cost a lot more than purchasing 1 triple bunk bed. This ensures you can find an affordable way to give everyone somewhere to sleep but without breaking the bank.

Awesome looks

Although there are some very good practical reasons to invest in a bed like this, the fabulous visual appeal they offer is worth noting. A big part of interior design is how something looks in a room and what it adds to the space in terms of aesthetics. Triple bunk beds score highly here as they have a stylish and fun look that will brighten up any home.

In addition, they are also a unique take on where to sleep and this makes them an eye-catching focal point for the space. Bunk beds like this are also very popular with kids and give them something different than a standard bed to sleep in.

Range of designs to choose from

If you have a very large family, then you might well need to invest in 2 or more triple bunk beds. But what if you or your kids do not want the same type of bed in each bedroom? The really cool thing about these bunks is that they come in a range of fun, funky designs.

Some, for example, will have 3 single bunks (a top, middle and bottom) while others have 1 single bunk on top and a double bunk on the bottom. There are also different coloured beds to choose from and those made from solid wood or metal. All this choice makes it simple to get a different look across multiple rooms in your home if needed.

Safe to use

Any bed your kids sleep in needs to be 100% safe to use. This is just as true for larger families as it is for anyone else. In fact, with more kids to look after, secure and reliable home furnishings are vital in helping you stay on top of everything! Triple bunk beds from reputable suppliers are safe to use due to features such as slanted ladders for secure top bunk access and sturdy bases for mattresses to rest on.

Triple bunk beds ideal for larger families

If you have a larger family, then you know how challenging it can be in terms of cost and space. This makes it key to find ways to look after your kids which are affordable and save on space. Triple bunk beds are a great idea in this respect, as well as providing a fun sleep solution for your family.

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