18 July, 2024

“Why” Motivation Is The Key To Business Happiness And Success

Here’s what this is all about… You see, business people find it easy to say they want to be happy and successful in life, but the fact of the matter is, getting there takes so much more than talk. What’s more, just thinking about happiness and success is passive, which means you have to do more by taking action to get results.

Taking action is where most people fall down because they often accept failure. They start off enthusiastic and plan how they’re going to be happy and successful in their business and life, but then they come up against road blocks and ‘think’ everything is too much hard work.

Trouble is, they stop when they’ll probably ‘a few feet from gold’ and forget all about their big dreams. Which means they then end up unhappy and unsuccessful.

So, here’s the big problem… These business people have lost their motivation.

And without motivation, they falter, blame themselves and others and don’t continue their journey to fulfil their dreams. They get stuck in their thinking. They quit. And quitters are never going to win in business.

So here’s the good news… Everyone can have the opportunity to continue their journey in life and go after and achieve their dreams of happiness and success.

Because the only real question to ask yourself is:  “How do I get my motivation back?”

So, here’s something else you need to know… The key to motivation is about understanding and applying the two main aspects of motivation. ‘Internal’ motivation and ‘external’ motivation.

Internal motivations can be categorised as the passion, excitement and the drive to succeed from within you.

External motivations are the external factors outside of you in the environment that will either motivate you to either push forward to get something like a reward, or get you to move away from an event to avoid something unpleasant happening to you.

So here are some specifics that you can do to get motivated for the happiness and success that you desire in business and in your life…

  • Never forget your “why.” Instead of wishful thinking, ask yourself these motivational questions to keep you on track: Why am I passionate about my business and life? Why do I want to be happy? Why do I want to be successful? Why am I holding myself back when I can get a result – and if it’s not the result I want, then I can take action to change and keep testing the outcome until I get the result I want?
  • Overcome negative thoughts, because negative thoughts can affect both your happiness and your future success. You could be happy one minute and the next …your mind is running off in the opposite direction. So the thing to do is not to let irrational negativity ruin your day. Instead, analyse your negative thoughts and treat them just as thoughts and then do the opposite by turning them into a list of positive ‘can-do’ new opportunity actions.
  • Next, surround yourself with positive people in your business and life, those people who can positively influence for change, while staying away from anyone who is negative. Because if you listen to those who tell you that you’re never going succeed, you’ll get trapped in a cycle of thinking negatively and the reality is …you won’t succeed. Most importantly, talk to someone like a mentor who you trust and who will listen as you ‘externally’ air your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, they’ll be able to offer you better insights and also question you to get you to come up with some positive alternative actions.
  • Be thankful and make others smile… Let’s face it, when you start feeling down and sorry for yourself, you really need to do something about this type of thinking and feeling. So, take out your list of goals and think about your successes to remind yourself why you’re fortunate. Use this as motivation to continue with your day. Best of all, make someone smile because one of the best ways to clear your mind from negative thoughts is by giving some of your time and attention to help someone else and make them feel good. You see, it’s simple but true …when you make it a daily goal to make someone smile and be happy, you’ll forget you own negative thoughts.
  • Finally create ongoing ‘milestones’ in your business and in your life which will focus you and help you to achieve the success you want. And remember to celebrate the wins. Because it all comes down to this… Don’t be afraid of failing but treat failure as learning experience and then take the appropriate action to do something different. And then continually learn and take action in order to test and retest your outcomes against your business and life goals which will show you the path on your journey that you need to follow to be happy and successful in business and in life.

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