20 July, 2024

Why You Should Continue Your Self-Care Routines After Lockdown

Over the past year, we’ve all faced difficulties. Therefore, it makes sense that self-care has become more important than ever. COVID-19 has changed many people’s relationship with beauty and wellness. Many of us have used forms of self-care, such as skincare routines and exercise to help us through such a tough time.

During the first national lockdown of 2020, the skincare sector saw a serious boom. While stuck indoors, we gravitated towards serums and hydration instead of foundation and mascara and decided to strive for great skin. Whether you created your own unique routine or you were inspired by TikTok users and skincare influencers, lockdown proved to be the perfect time to cultivate that glow. The online resources and the extra time came together to create the ultimate opportunity for skincare and self-love.

Another way that people took good care of themselves over the first lockdown was through exercise. Social lives were put on pause, so many people threw on a pair of trainers instead and channelled their energy into sports. Research revealed that three-quarters of Britons started at least one new form of exercise over lockdown. Despite this initial enthusiasm, people clearly found it difficult to stick to an exercise routine over the recent lockdown. Evidently, we need to start looking at new ways to keep people motivated.

The silver lining of the lockdowns has been the extra time to focus on self-care. The time saved from morning commutes has allowed many of us to squeeze in some exercise or take extra time on our skincare routine. However, with the ‘new normal’ on the horizon, how can we maintain the positive changes that we’ve made throughout lockdown?

Embracing ‘normal’ life

With the first lockdown restrictions already beginning to lift, ‘normal’ life is within our grasp. There are many things about our old lives that we’re excited to return to – socialising, shopping, and eating out to name a few. However, when our schedules start to look full once again, how will we maintain the self-care routines that have become so important during the lockdowns? Even when a more normal reality is restored, we mustn’t forget the positive impact that self-care routines can have on our mental wellbeing, such as reducing anxiety and stress and helping us look and feel like our best selves.

Make time for self-care

Even with social lives to contend with, there are always ways to factor in time for self-care – it all comes down to prioritising your free time. For example, many of us are guilty of spending too much time on our phones, aimlessly scrolling. Why not use that time for something that will make you feel much better? Being more conscious about how you spend your time (even if that just means using your phone a little less every day) can allow you essential time to stop focusing on other people’s posts and start focusing on yourself.

Phones are out and self-care routines are in. Who needs to fall into an hour-long scroll through Instagram when you could reach for those dumbbells, conduct your ten-step skincare routine, or apply gradual tan instead?

Even when you’ve swapped out time on your phone, however, it isn’t always easy to fit in self-care. Consider starting your day a little earlier to fit in that skincare routine that makes you feel fabulous – it’ll definitely be worth it!

It’s okay to take a break

One key thing to remember is to be kind to yourself. If you do struggle to maintain your lockdown self-care routine, don’t beat yourself up about it! Self-care is all about making yourself feel fantastic, and being harsh on yourself definitely isn’t part of the self-care plan. Even if you do end up taking a break from your skincare and exercise routines after restrictions have been eased, they don’t have to be gone forever. Try to slowly reintroduce the routines that make you feel good, day by day.

Don’t forget to live your best life

Self-care is important, but don’t pile the pressure on yourself. After all, restrictions lifting means the possibility of spending time with loved ones and it’s important to make the most of that, enjoy life, and live in the moment. Skincare and exercise can be amazing, and really boost your confidence, but there are many other forms of self-care. Spending time with friends and family and having some fun should also be considered a key part of self-care. At the end of the day, it’s about being kind to yourself and making time for whatever makes you happy.





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