24 June, 2024

7 Top Tips On How To Write Your Own Video Scripts

When it comes to video marketing, you’ve probably seen more than one video online where the person on camera rambles on a bit and uses short words that break up the flow of the video message such as repeated use of, ‘so’, ‘like’ or ‘um’, without getting straight to the point that they really want to get across.

The fact is, creating a video script is all about making sure that the audience who you’re speaking to is able to clearly grasp and understand your exact message.

So, here is some really good news… Below are 7 tips for you to use for writing your own video scripts, even if you’ve nervous in front of the camera and have never produced a video script before.

  1. Plan your overall objective

Start off by asking yourself the reason why you’re creating your video in the first place. What’s your goal? What’s the point you’re attempting to get over? Are you sharing information, educating your audience on a certain topic, or are you leading into a sales offer?

  1. Prepare you video outline and script

Once you know your goal, the reason why you’re making the video, then you need to prepare, prepare, prepare. So, rather than overwhelm yourself by writing the script all at once, just begin with an overall outline of your video and break this down into three to five topics each with some bullet points as though you’re writing a short report.

  1. Fill in the gaps and be concise

Once you have prepared your outline, it’s time to get writing and fill in the gaps.

Make sure you’re not being long-winded here, so keep to short sentences and paragraphs. If you’re very visual you can draw out your tops in a storyboard.

And remember to keep to around three to five major topic points. That way your viewers won’t lose track of your theme and they’ll maintain interest and watch through to the end of your video.

  1. Re-read and add notes

When you think you’ve finished your script, read it over again and add notes as you go along. Think of your script like a movie in your mind with you directing each scene. And check each point that you want to get over to make your message memorable

  1. Read your script out loud

Once you have clarity with your script, stop and read it out loud the whole way through. Then do this a second time and now cut out words and phrases that don’t fit and add in ones that you think will sound better. Just keep in mind that, your goal is to communicate clearly to your audience in a precise and meaningful way.

  1. Check your ‘Call To Action’ (CTA)

Once you have created your script, don’t stop there. Before you produce your video go back to your objective and figure out and be precise about what your CTA will be at the end of your video. For instance, are you going to ask viewers to go to your website? Will you invite them onto your email list with the promise of a special opt-in gift or report? Or, perhaps you have a great offer to make for them?

  1. Make your video

Now you’re ready to be the producer and make the first take of your video. Just go for it. You can always edit and then redo the video later. The important thing at this point is to make the video. Then you can make any final changes before testing it out with family, friends or colleagues. Once you get feedback, you can always tweak the script again before you go live.

And once you do go live, monitor the comments and reviews that you get to learn from you best critics …your prospective customers!

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