14 July, 2024

Cold Case Inc: Spearheading Innovation in Mystery Gaming with a Novel Detective Platform

Cold Case Inc is on the cusp of revolutionising the mystery gaming world with its award-winning online platform, a first of its kind. Billy Cross, the founder, has introduced a unique platform that allows players to immerse themselves in unsolved case file games through a fictional police computer system, enabling a detective experience like no other.

Aimed at true crime aficionados and puzzle-solving connoisseurs, Cold Case Inc showcases a range of elaborate unsolved cases, each embedded within a fully-realised digital platform. Players are given access to a virtual police database, where they can delve into evidence, dissect witness statements, and pore over crime scene photographs to unravel puzzles and solve cases.

“Our goal at Cold Case Inc is to deliver an unparalleled investigative experience that challenges intellects and captivates imaginations,” states Billy Cross, the creative force behind Cold Case Inc. “By simulating the real-life investigative process within a fictional framework, we’re not merely creating games; we’re constructing narratives that invite players to actively engage and determine the outcome.”

The platform sets itself apart with the novel use of a fictional police computer system, a feature that distinguishes it from mainstream mystery games. This innovation provides an engaging and interactive experience, putting players at the very heart of their detective journey. Each case is ingeniously crafted to challenge players’ logical and analytical skills, offering a gratifying challenge for those who wish to explore the depths of crime-solving.

Open to an international player base, Cold Case Inc accommodates unlimited devices and logins per account, encouraging collective problem-solving amongst peers and family. With a commitment to expanding its case repertoire, the platform ensures a constant influx of fresh mysteries ready to be deciphered.

For those keen to prove their sleuthing mettle and immerse themselves in a world of unsolved mysteries, visit www.coldcaseinc.com to begin your investigative odyssey today.

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