22 April, 2024

Revel in the Spring Spirit with Lawn Mowing Simulator on Nintendo Switch & Meta-Quest VR

As spring unfurls its green canvas across the landscape, many of us, blessed with gardens, are drawn to the outdoor allure. Yet, gaming enthusiasts with a flair for gardening can bypass the hassle of the unpredictable British weather.

Lawn Mowing Simulator has resonated well with the gaming community since its debut on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation, achieving a cult-like following globally. Its appeal lies in the genuine, engaging, and often calming experience of mowing through various beautiful settings.

Gamers get to navigate through a myriad of landscapes, from elegant manors and historical fortresses to community parks and horse pastures, all while mastering the art of lawn care atop authentic brand-name mowers, facing various gameplay challenges.

The game’s recent release on Nintendo Switch (14th March) and its upcoming version on Meta-Quest VR have introduced a novel dimension, offering players the chance to cultivate their virtual gardens anytime, anywhere. Brought to life by Skyhook Games Studio and astragon Entertainment based in Liverpool, this version harnesses the innovative capabilities of the Nintendo system, ensuring a seamless and engaging gaming experience.

The standard edition delivers an unrivalled virtual mowing adventure, where cyber-gardeners can refine their landscaping prowess across an array of lush environments. Players also have the opportunity to oversee a comprehensive virtual lawn-mowing business, including financial management, team recruitment, and securing officially licensed equipment from prominent brands such as Toro, SCAG, STIGA, and EGO.

The Nintendo Switch also welcomes the Landmark Edition, featuring downloadable content that grants access to unique settings like a Dino Safari Park and the historic environs of Ancient Britain, providing a distinctive twist to the traditional lawn care game.

Scheduled for release on 21st March, the VR iteration of Lawn Mowing Simulator introduces an immersive world of picture-perfect locations, complete with a base of operations for your lawn-care empire. This version, developed by Skyhook Games Studio and published by Curve Games, includes innovative interactive elements, such as an in-game smartwatch, enabling players to effortlessly monitor their progress and achievements.

The VR edition offers a highly realistic and engaging gaming experience, not only in terms of gameplay mechanics but also in creating a tranquil virtual haven, mirroring the therapeutic benefits of real-life gardening.

With the growing fascination for simulation games, the excitement for the new iterations of Lawn Mowing Simulator is palpable, promising an enhanced gaming experience. To learn more about Lawn Mowing Simulator for Nintendo Switch and Meta-Quest VR, head to www.skyhookgames.co.uk or explore their social media profiles.


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