20 July, 2024

TikTok: Turning Talent Into Business

TikTok has exploded across the world. It was named the most popular app in 2021, with 656 million people downloading the social media platform that year. There’s loads of entertaining content waiting to be consumed, whether you’re interested in learning the latest dance craze or upbeat songs.

TikTok is more than entertainment. People around the world are capitalising on their skills, turning their hobbies into full-time jobs. Here is a roundup of the best content creators turning their talents into trade.

Jamie Wang’s tufting talent

Tufting is the process of making rugs on canvas. It has become an increasingly popular trend on TikTok, inspiring people around the nation to try this hobby for themselves. According to Google Search data, interest in tufting has increased by 663% in the last five years, no doubt due to prolific content creators.

The first TikToker we will look at is Jamie (@WangStudioUK), a creative soul crafting her own rugs through tufting. She makes unique and fun designs on canvas, such as recreating ‘The Girl With a Pearl Earring’ to be drinking a cup of bubble tea. In her own words:

“I have always been creative, and I saw tufting at the beginning of lockdown on TikTok and thought it looked really interesting. I tried punch needling at first, which is the manual way to make rugs, and then I bought the gun and watched lots of YouTube videos.”

She may have started her tufting journey during the lockdown, but Jamie has since gone on to open Wang Studios. Not only does she create her own commissioned rugs, but the studio also teaches classes to people wanting to learn the craft. Way to go, Jamie!

Sam Pickstock’s custom clothing

Now that we know rugs can be made into priceless works of art, what about our everyday clothes? Sam (@Sam.Creates) does just this, decorating shoes and clothing with paintings of famous musicians, such as Post Malone and A$AP Rocky.

Sam’s designs have attracted 585,100 followers on TikTok. This success has enabled him to start a career commissioning wearable art, working alongside multiple music artists and worldwide fashion brands. He has commented:

“I want the public to have something special to wear that makes them feel good. My custom shoes and clothing will make people’s look stand out to others, expressing themselves more through what they like on their clothing.”

Vladymyr Buryanov’s creative cocktails

Vladymyr Buryanov (@SlickBartender) takes flair bartending to the extreme. His captivating content, which has attracted a following of 9.8 million TikTok users, includes everything from cocktail recipes to abstract ice sculptures. Vlad discusses his success:

“I started the TikTok channel just for fun during the pandemic, and it was kind of an accident how I found I could create art out of ice. I made it a goal to try and create everything my followers were asking me to create, and that channel just blew up.”

He has become a full-time content creator, working with global brands like FC Barcelona and FC Juventus, as well as being recognised by successful influencers PewDiePie and MrBeast. If he can do it, so can you.

Sam Ryder’s singing success

TikTok is also great for up and coming singers. Sam Ryder (@SamWolfRyder) struck gold on the social media platform, rising to fame after singing covers of famous songs. These videos have attracted a staggering 13 million people, including pop singer Justin Bieber.

TikTok is a gift that keeps on giving. In 2020, Sam was the most viewed UK artist on the platform. This success has allowed him to break through into the music industry, representing the nation at Eurovision in 2022 – and he came in second place!

TikTok is full of talent waiting to be discovered. If you’re eager to make a career out of your hobbies, create an account and start working towards your goal. You never know if something as simple as a 10-second video could be your ticket to success.

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