23 April, 2024
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10 Best Countries to Work Abroad in 2022

Relocating abroad for work can be a good opportunity to grow personally and career wise. Besides, if finding a job in your home country proves futile, moving to a country where your expertise is highly needed makes it easy to get a job and earn a living. However, before you make the move, it is important to consider where you are going. Besides escaping the frustrations in your home country or craving for a change, you want a place where you can grow and have peace of mind. That being said, in no particular order, here are 10 best countries that you can consider working in 2022.

The United Kingdom

This country is a known hub for IT, AI, science and digital innovations. Highly skilled individuals in these sectors find it easy to land jobs in the UK. Additionally, the UK is a popular destination for nurses. The UK’s National Health Service often employs nurses from around the globe with favorable terms and salaries. However, individuals must meet the NHS requirements to qualify. That is why it is important to finish your nursing studies. Using online tools such as Osmosis resources can help you prepare for your exams. Download the Osmosis App on App Store to access all the resources that you need to study for your nursing degree.

The Netherlands

Expats prefer the Netherlands for its good quality life. If you want to start a business abroad, this is the country to choose. The government supports international entrepreneurs to set up businesses in the country through various programs. Besides this, there are plenty of opportunities in different industries such as tech, energy, research and academia.

New Zealand

New Zealand is popular for its outdoor lifestyle, natural beauty and friendly atmosphere, which make it easy for foreigners to adapt to the country’s way of living. Most jobs for expats in this country are in agriculture, tourism industry and adventure sports. However, expats find it hard to land long term contracts. If you are up for seasonal work and some adventure in between, this is the place for you.


The cost of living in Cambodia is relatively low, coupled with tropical weather and a beautiful culture. This makes it a favorite destination for living and working. Cambodia has in the recent past caught the eye of digital nomads as they flock the country from all over the world. Affordable coworking spaces and WiFi installed cafes line up the streets, not forgetting that getting a long-term working visa is a breeze.


China faces a shortage of qualified workers in major industries such as AI, IT and science. For this reason, the country is focused on enticing foreign workers who are skilled in these areas through updating China’s green card policy. In addition, expat benefit packages are favorable, making the country one of the best countries to migrate and work in East Asia.


This Southern African nation is not only among the fastest growing economies in Africa, but also globally. Additionally, it has a stable democracy, making it one of the safest countries to work in Africa. It is also home for many international companies such as Coca-Cola, World Bank Group, Microsoft, Heineken and Deloitte among others. This means that employment opportunities in different sectors are many.


This country is slowly becoming an expats’ favorite as the government rallies efforts to attract foreign professionals in engineering, management, research and entrepreneurs in the country. Great expat benefit packages and new immigration rules make it easy to move to the country and enjoy working there. In addition, Japan is known for its top-notch infrastructure and beautiful islands, which contributes to the high quality of life in the country.


France is another country that faces a skills shortage in science, IT and AI innovations. If you have interest in these industries, now is the time to try your luck in finding a job. The technology visa has made it so easy for foreigners to work in this country and for domestic employers to hire qualified individuals from around the world. Moreover, it creates a perfect opportunity for foreign startups in these industries.


If you are looking to study and work abroad, Ireland is one of the best countries for both. The country boasts of a world-class education system. It is popular for courses in technology, natural sciences, humanities and economics. The friendly community makes it a perfect choice for international students, which can be a good foundation in finding career opportunities in the country while studying and after clearing school.


Having cosmopolitan cities and a multicultural population makes it so easy for foreigners to adjust to life in the country. It is also a beautiful country with pristine beaches and favorable weather, which is a great destination to enjoy life outside work. Being home for organizations such as WWOOF, Australia is great for work exchanges.


The world is really opening up and creating opportunities to work and live abroad. So, whether you want to set up a business abroad or find employment in the industry of your interest, there is a country out there for you. If you are considering moving abroad for work, the above listed countries are among the best that you can consider.

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