21 May, 2024

Bring These 5 Items in Your Backpack to Make Your Next Music Festival Unforgettable

Getting geared up for a music festival? The items you bring make all the difference in the world, so pack smart! Spending days and nights partying with fellow free-spirited music fans can be a truly incredible experience, but things can get uncomfortable and even downright miserable if you’re not properly prepared!

Of course, there are many essential items you should bring along, especially if you’re going to a fest that lasts multiple days. A tent, sleeping bag, multiple changes of clothes, sunscreen, bug spray…the list goes on and on. It’s easy to get so focused on the necessities that you forget the non-essential items that make the experience so much more enjoyable.

Here are 5 less common items that can be festival game-changers, and they’ll all fit right into your backpack.

1. Rave Glasses

Bringing at least one pair of sunglasses is an absolute must. However, rave glasses are where the party’s really at! They have diffraction lenses that transform lights into jaw-dropping displays of rainbows that will blow your mind over and over! Pop them on at night when the light shows start, and go on a psychedelic journey you’ll never forget.

Rave glasses are meant to be shared. The problem is that once you share the magic with a friend, it’s going to be tough to get them back! Fortunately, they’re not too expensive, so bring a spare or ten—at least one pair for every member of your crew. You’ll be everyone’s hero when you bust them out on the dance floor.

2. A Headlamp

Navigating campgrounds, finding the bathroom areas, and locating wandering friends is no easy task, especially in the dark. While a flashlight would technically do the job, hands-free headlamps are so much more convenient, not to mention they just have better vibes—it’s easy to be mistaken for security if you’re shining a handheld flashlight around.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, keep a headlamp in your festival survival kit. Besides helping you get around the festival’s grounds, it’s so handy if you need to find something in your tent. Nobody wants to be the person waking everyone up fumbling around in the dark to find munchies at 3 AM.

3. Smartphone Accessories

Like it or not, smartphones are basically necessities these days, and they’re super useful at festivals, especially if you’re going with a group. The problem is that charging stations aren’t exactly abundant.

Portable power banks give you a way to charge up from your tent. Mobile hotspots let you get online on the go. Don’t miss out on the perfect Instagram selfie or TikTok post because of poor preparation! While you’re at it, be sure to bring a pair of earbuds so you can drown out the ruckus with some white noise if the constant live music gets to be too much.

4. A Fanny Pack

A bag within a bag? You already have your backpack, so why bring a fanny pack too? A fanny pack is an accessory you don’t fully appreciate until you have one. When backpacks are too big and pockets are too small, your trusty fanny pack is there to fill the gap.

Fanny packs are lightweight, so easy to carry, and some might even say quite stylish. They’re great for carrying around essential items like your phone, cash, and various pairs of glasses, as well as extra fun-enhancing items like glass hand pipes, a lighter, and other relevant festival goodies.

5. Hydration Powder

Unfortunately, music festivals and dehydration often go hand-in-hand. Some music festivals don’t allow outside food and drinks, and they usually charge a hefty fee for basic essentials like bottled water. However, most of them do allow you to bring a hydration pack, so plan in advance if you don’t want to blow all your funds at the concession stands.

At music festivals, there’s a lot of dancing, drinking, and other sweaty activities going on at all hours of the day and night. It’s so easy to lose electrolytes. You don’t want to be the person spending the second day brutally hungover in the tent, so bring along some electrolyte packets to add to your water. This simple step can make a massive difference in helping you feel your best for the entire duration of the festival.

Collaborate With Your Crew

Festival newbies often learn a harsh lesson when they pack poorly. It’s a tale as old as time: Attendees arrive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, laser-focused on the fun and excitement that awaits, only to find that a lack of festival essentials severely impacts their enjoyment. Don’t make that all-too-common mistake!

It can be tough to find the line between packing too little and packing too much. That’s what friends are for! Before heading out, chat with everyone who’s coming along and decide who brings what—one person brings a cooler, one person brings a tent, and so on. That way you’re not overloaded, and you can save backpack space for cool items like those listed above. Pack like a pro, and you’ll be the real star of the show!


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